Lucker Hall, Northumberland
Lucker will provide an excellent base from which to explore the Northumberland coast.

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Northumbria Food and Drink Guide

Northumberland and its people are renowned for their excellent hospitality and enjoyment of the superb range of food and drink which is produced within the area. Local delicacies and locally brewed beers and wines are widely available from the many shops and markets, where everything from free range eggs to farm reared meats are on offer. Well worth seeking out is Northumbria pudding, a leek based dumpling often served with meat and vegetables which can be found on the menu at some of the more traditional cafes and pubs in the area.

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Freshly caught fish and seafood is always on the menu, with crab, lobster, oysters, mussels and most famously, smoked fish from the smoke house at Craster which supplies hotels, restaurants and pubs with this particular local delicacy.
Some of the delicious local brews to try include sweet Lindisfarne Mead, which has been produced on Holy Island for centuries, and Alnwick Rum, which is still made to an original ancient recipe. Real ales are a favourite beverage and are supplied from a number of local breweries and micro breweries throughout Northumberland.
There are numerous pubs and inns which have extensive menus and a great choice of restaurants and bistro's to try. With a whole host of cosy cafes and tea rooms serving their own delicious recipes the Northumberland eating experience is definitely one to savour!


We hope you enjoy the cuisine available around Northumberland, there certainly is a huge selection to choose from!