Lucker Hall, Northumberland
Lucker will provide an excellent base from which to explore the Northumberland coast.

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Coquet Island
Amble, Northumberland Coast

Details for Coquet Island

Coquet Island lies just off the Northumberland coast near the fishing town of Amble. It is a small island dominated by an imposing castle-like lighthouse, and so named after the river Coquet which flows in to the sea from the opposite coast.

Steeped in historical legend it is believed that a latter day Danish saint named Henry of Coquet (who was widely believed to be a miracle worker), had lived on the island as a hermit until his death in 1127. Beneath the lighthouse sit the stone remains of a Benedictine Monastery which have now become a designated ancient monument, together with a number of listed buildings which complete the construction on the island.

The lighthouse is now unmanned but was, until 1999, inhabited by keepers who lived there and farmed the land, growing vegetables and rearing chickens and livestock to feed their families. Solar power was introduced in 2008 removing the need for a resident keeper.

Uninhabited by humans for most of the year the Coquet Island has been privately owned by the family of the Duke of Northumberland since 1793. It is managed and protected as a nature reserve by the RSPB as a site of special scientific interest. Wardens move in to live, work, monitor and protect the thousands of breeding pairs of sea birds which invade the island during the breeding season. Visitors are not allowed on the island but there are numerous, informative boat trips which sail around it, offering the chance to see at very close hand the amazing and abundant wildlife in residence.

During the summer months there are around 30,000 pairs of breeding Puffins which can be seen making their homes in the unused rabbit burrows around the island. This is a very important site...


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