Lucker Hall, Northumberland
Lucker will provide an excellent base from which to explore the Northumberland coast.

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The Scottish Borders
Coldstream, Northumberland National Park

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Just to the north of Northumbria are the Scottish Borders, an area which covers some 1800 square miles, stretching inland from the breathtaking eastern coastline and the town of Berwick upon Tweed; an extremely picturesque seaside town with traditional family entertainment and its own army museum, theatre and leisure centre.

Art lovers can follow the Lowry Trail and there is an arts centre and tourist information office in the town where visitors can find details of local events. Quaint fishing villages and secluded tranquil coves cling to the coast, whilst inland a tapestry of wild heather covered moors and gently rolling hills stretches across to the west. In the valleys and plains near to the coast the rich fertile soils are mainly used for agriculture. The crystal clear waters of the River Tweed tumble down from the hills, meandering across the land to reach the sea. The long tranquil stretches of water offer wonderful fishing opportunities throughout the area.

The Borders has a long and turbulent history of bloody battles and land disputes and there are many sites of historical interest around just waiting to be explored. There is still what remains of numerous Pele Towers (refuge houses) and Bastles (fortified farmhouses). Both types of fortified dwellings were built to keep out any marauders and raiders, the farmhouses are usually found in remote parts of the border area, whereas there are many more of the towers along the border walls. Magnificent castles, stately homes, ruined abbeys and interactive museums all have a tale to tell and offer visitors an intriguing insight into the past history and folklore. There is always plenty to see and do outdoors around the Borders for nature lovers to enjoy, including a number of nature reserves, wildlife parks and visitor centers which...


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